Health & Wilderness is about exploration, adventure, outdoor therapy, and being nurtured by nature. It is about accessing our nourishment from the earth, sourcing our food locally and seasonally, cooking healthy whole food meals, appreciating what our bodies do for us, and celebrating vitality.

Here is where I share my stories and adventures to inspire and educate. I create simple delicious recipes to keep you healthy for life and fit for the trail. In sharing my knowledge and experience in nutrition and outdoor therapy, I hope to get you healthy and out there in the wilderness!


- Cara Rensing

Health & Wilderness recipes are about eating for nourishment, healing through whole foods, and fueling the body for adventure. Every recipe contains loads of options you can pick from to make each meal a masterpiece that suits your style. Whether you are looking for healthy options for everyday eating, interested in experimenting with superfoods, searching for more seasonal eating, or packing meals for the mountains, these recipes will keep you healthy and energized from the inside out!

Check out the recipe page to see what I'm talking about!

A Bit About Myself

Hi my name is Cara and I love the wilderness ;).

As most passions do, it all started with my childhood. I grew up in a small suburb in the relatively small town of Kamloops BC (in the heart of Western Canada). I wasn't that woodsy kid raised by hippie parents who taught me how to live off the land and speak to wild animals. But, I did fall in love with all things natural, wild and free. I loved getting lost in the mountains, getting covered in dust or mud from back-road 4x4ing, rinsing off in secret lakes, frolicing in untouched alpine meadows, drinking from streams, and eating wild berries. As an introverted young girl, it was the wilderness which taught me both confidence and compassion. Conquering intimidating trails in harsh conditions prepared me for many difficult life challenges. By realizing my own potential I learned how to take on the world. Through tough and frightening situations I learned respect for nature.

I now live on the magical and beautiful Vancouver Island with my wonderful partner (Blair) and two energetic dogs (Scarlett and Brewster). My surroundings constantly inspire and motivate me to live life to the fullest; to explore, adventure, climb, and conquer. This life led me to crave knowledge and involvement in things like sustainability, food politics, nutrition and digestion, mindful practices, herbal medicine, ancient healing modalities, and general health and wellness. In 2012 I joined study groups involved with making changes to our food system. In 2013 I completed a Permaculture Design Certificate at O.U.R. Ecovillage. In 2016 I graduated from a challenging three-year diploma program in Holistic Nutrition at Pacific Rim College. And, in 2017 I received my certificate as a Life Coach from Rhodes Wellness College. 

Now I use this space to bring all my knowledge and experience together to share with like-minded people. I want to inspire adventure, motivate health and movement, educate how to live and eat for health and vitality, and share the incredible benefits of outdoor therapy. Follow along my Instagram feed and Facebook page, subscribe to my newsletter, and check out the blog page! Don't be afraid to contact me if there is anything you feel inclined to ask or share.

Stay healthy, stay wild.